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Manage your Employees

Employers can input or upload census information, manage additions and deletions and post plan designs specific to each employee. No more interruptions from employees with questions about their benefits or the mechanics of how they work.

Manage your Benefits

Employees can log on night or day or even on weekends with their own password and utilize the platform to view their specific benefits and co-contributions. In addition, there are helpful financial calculators and interesting articles pertaining to money management, home ownership, saving for college and retirement.

Manage your Clients

Brokers and Consultants can be given instant access to certain company information. For example, Brokers and Consultants can view day to day census information so they can begin the bidding process well in advance of the renewal date. No longer will clients be forced to engage in the arduous process of generating a census update when the Broker or Consultant can simply log into that client’s census file. In addition, there are reminder tools that notify Brokers 3 months prior to renewal or before Schedule A filings are due.

Employee benefits that manage themselves? Not quite, but with simple drop down menus and upload tools darn close!

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